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For those of you feeling a bit disgruntled by loosing a few hours of your cruise with inadequate compensation, you should consider the circumstances of the people on the prior week's sailing. Since the ship was over seven hours late in arriving into New York, most of us with arline reservations that day missed our scheduled flights. And some were not successful in getting other flights out on Sunday due to the late hour. Carnival didn't compensate us one bit. They offered no assistance whatsoever, either financial or even logistical. The best they did was to give us a free phone call to the airline to allow us to workout our own alternate arrangements, but any additional charges assessed by the airlines were to be at the passengers own expense.

I understand the need to deal with medical emergencies, but what none of us on board could understand was Carnival's decision to turn the entire ship around and head back to St. Thomas instead of airlifting the sick passenger off the ship, which has always been the case in my previous experience. While Carnival can claim this was not their fault, I do hold them responsible for a poor decision in dealing with the emergency. And leaving so many passengers stranded without flights home was a poor showing in customer service.