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You are right when it comes to certain activities; both land and water. I remember a Celebrity cruise a couple of years ago and we went on a snorkel excursion. It was some distance from where we boarded. From the time we boarded, I was watching the skies as they appeared very ominous and looked like we were going to get some bad weather. I had a conversation with one on the deck hands and he just didn't seem to care. Sure enough, we were just finishing up our dive and got hit with a very bad storm that caused severe waves with high winds and lightning to boot. It was quite scarry to say the least. Some of these smaller islands are looking at the $$ and wouldn't want to cancel and lose the income. I did report it when I got back to the ship...I'm sure that being a charter they would have doppler or whatever to warn them on possible bad weather, but maybe not.


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