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Also, I wasn't trying to be negative, just honest. I also stated they may have been tired from their transatlantic crossing.

Chef Michael Roux was our head chef. I spoke with people who ate in Murano, Tuscan, and Silk Harvest. They said it was better than the dining room, but nothing to write home about. KarenM wrote about the cooking demos. Chef Paul and Chef Mark kept saying that they believed in seasoning, in fact over seasoning, their food. I don't know if that was a subtle hint or not.

The cruise wasn't bad, just not what I had expected since Celebrity had been touted as one of the best. Certainly cursing at your passengers and being rude is not what I imagined. Like I said before, they may have been exhausted. I know our cabin steward was having to run room service to our floor. Sometimes it took her 4 hours to get to rooms, but that wasn't her fault, she was being made to do another job. Sorry to sound negative, but it wasn't a very pleasant experience.

Janfred, the drink packages were only good at certain bars. My hubby bought the liquor package for $360. He ordered a martini at the martini bar and they charged him $15/plus tip. He asked why and was told to go to guest relations, which we did the next day. They said they'd get back to us and never did. I ordered a mudslide at the pool bar and was charged $11/plus tip. The bartender at Michaels explained that it was the size of the glass they used. She put our drinks in the small glasses and did not charge us extra. Also, Ron ordered a beer with his lunch one day and they charged him $7/plus tip. They explained that the alcohol package did not include beer or wine. You had to buy the beer package if you wanted a beer. They could have explained the limitations better so you'd know what to expect and not break the rules.

We still had a wonderful time. The ship was immaculate and beautifully decorated. I doubt this was normal for Celebrity, things happen, and it just happened to be on our cruise. I can now say I've sailed on Celebrity.

Even Princess changed, and not for the better, when they were bought out. However, they still offer a very good product.

I went with a very open mind and still had a wonderful time. I've got many more lines to try. That's what's so wonderful about cruising