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JillMay Welcome to cruise chat! There are better experts on cruising with the kiddos than I that I expect will be able to answer ANY question that pertains to Camp Carnival. But let me jump in and answer what I can.

You do not need to register your children before the cruise. On the first day there will be a Camp Carnival "welcome aboard" party. You need to attend this, as this will be where all the information for the children and CC is given out. You will be able to sign up then and meet the camp councilors also. They do offer baby sitting services also but these can be expensive.

Also, on the first day they have a life boat safety drill. When you attend this, your children will be given a wrist strap to wear for the cruise. This has their correct life boat muster station on it so if there were to be an emergency they could get them to the correct place.

You will fall in love with cruising. The kids will really enjoy it also. Its a bit more difficult to do it with children so young, but it is not unheard of. Have a great time!
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