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LadyLauren - Let me add my "Welcome Aboard!" to penny3333's-We're glad you've joined us. It's a great place to visit and share all things cruising and some things else!!We have a lot of levity here but we are all cruisers and sailors at heart!

Your response regarding the Bahamas Celebration is especially appreciated since you have become our expert on the ship, the cruise and the cruiseline! From the brochure she seems like an interesting ship to sail on. Many of us still prefer the smaller cruiseships and love to sail on them!!

It sounds as if you had a great time- Would you sail on her again??
Were the dining venues serving tasty meals?Tell us all you can!!!
We are all very curious about her!!

Most importantly - Start planning your next cruise in order to prevent land moss from growing on the bottoms of your feet (We cruisers need seaweed to ward off Mal de Mer!!)