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We haven't sailed on Holland, and never really cared to. We were Princess all the way before we did Celebrity last year. We're doing another cruise with them next month, and also South America next February. They are very kind, and I couldn't rave enough about the Shore Excursion desk. As I walk with a walker, I cancelled 1 trip while on board after I saw the video, as it wasn't described quite accurately. They suggested another tour for us that would be easier (it was), and called down to reserve front seats on the bus for us. I gave both of the gentlemen (they were), a nice tip when we left. It was well worth it for us. On the flip side, we did the Carnival Spirit in April, 2002. We had severe air-conditioning problems in our stateroom for a 21 day cruise. Also elevators were stopping 18 inches above the floor. 1st complaint, 2 drink coupons, 2nd complaint, letter of apology, 3rd complaint, phone slammed down on us, then you couldn't get them on the phone. The cruise after ours was cut short in Hawaii, and the following cruise cancelled altogether, problem AIR & Electrical, affecting the elevators. I wrote to Mr. Dickenson, President of Carnival, and I get basically a form letter back, with no apology, but a 15% discount on a future cruise. I don't think so. We'll stick with Celebrity, where people are treated like human beings. After all, who is paying for the salaries of the staff? WE ARE!!