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My wife and I have taken that cruise twice. In Tortola I have rented a car and we went up to the national park and hiked in the semi-tropical rainforest. Great views. I then drove to some no name area and had great snorkeling(we have our own gear). Or you can ferry over to Virgin Gorda to the Baths(Most spectacular)I think I ferried from Speedy's as well as car rental on Virgin Gorda. In St. Thomas again I rented a car(all car rentals done on-line prior) drove to Red Hook and caught the car ferry to St. Johns where we toured the Island and then went to Waterlemon Cay to snorkel. It was unbelievable. A little current on the far side of the island but it was like swimming in an aquarium. Sea turtles, rays, urchins and thousands of fish. It's a bit of a walk to this area along an abandoned road, but soooo worth it. Half moon Cay is nice but to find interesting snorkeling you either need to keep to the far left of the beach area(lots of people here) or walk the beach all the way right(maybe a mile) and there are some coral heads out in the water with great sea life(sea fans,brain coral,fish etc) I also found an area of sand dollars but they were in about 20 feet of water about 1/2 way back to the beach area(becareful of the banana rides and hobie cats out there) The biggest problem of going out on your own is making sure you get back on time, because you have so much freedom to do as you please.