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Originally posted by emt6121:
My husband & I just booked our very first cruise, in June 2011, to Canada on the Carnival Glory!! Does anybody have any ideas, advice, suggestions for us first time cruisers?
Congratulations on your booking, and welcome to cruise-chat!

This is a nice 4-day itinerary... we've enjoyed visits to Saint John several times. Take a look through sites such as to narrow down ideas for sites and activities ashore. Some are within walking distance of the dock, others require transportation, either on your own or through Carnival's shore excursions department. You can also check our Port Chat section for additional ideas. I enjoy just walking around Market Square, and we have also visited the zoo and seen the Reversing Falls Rapids. (I'm too chicken to ride them, yet it's great to see.)

Onboard, let the crew pamper you. You will receive a daily newsletter in your cabin that lists all the activities going on on the ship, from fitness classes to operating hours of the various venues.

Did you select a pre-set dining time, or My Time dining?
Happy cruising!
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