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St. Petersburg is an open air museum with many beautiful tourist destinations and shore excursions for cruise passengers. Usually there is simply not enough time to see all of the sites, and it can sometimes be difficult to really see some of the more cultural aspects of Russia. Here are some tips for your shore excursions in St. Petersburg to help you make the most of your time.

1. Make sure you work with a reputable tour company that is registered in St. Petersburg with the Board of tourism. I recommend (travel agency name removed) as they have a personal touch to working with their clients and offer an array of tours including some creative specialty tours.

2. Save time shopping for your souvenirs and do some research on the Internet before you arrive so you know what you want to buy. Also, when you buy souvenirs from the open air market, remember, you can bargain.

3. Check the weather forecast and bring an umbrella. St. Petersburg often has unpredictable weather, so be prepared.

4. Choose a tour based on your activity level. Some tours are very relaxed and others pack in many sites and keep you moving at a fast pace. Check to make sure your tour in St. Petersburg fits your travel lifestyle.

5. Use the Internet. Do some research to know more about the sites you really want to see in St. Petersburg. Some of the best sites are not in the city and travel time is a factor. So choose wisely using the Internet.