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Ruth, If you ever see a rate reduction with any cruiseline, including HAL after you've booked, be sure to call your agent and ask to have it reduced. If they refuse to do so, ask for onboard credit in the amount of the difference. Some promos allow some types of adjustments that others do not. Since each of the lines have so many differing policies and promotions it never hurts to ask. Occasionally I'll get to a Supervisor that will bend the rules, cancel and re-book if possible (also against their rules) or find some way to accommodate my clients. It is very rare and becoming more so. But you kind of get to know a few of the folks over the years that will try hard for for clients and agents and ask for them. Sometimes the cruiseline agents won't transfer you. You have to give the reason for wanting to speak to a Supv. If you get the wrong person on the call and they notate your booking, it becomes futile and even those who would have helped have their hands tied.

It's really frustrating at times and I'm not generally a guy who would ever go around the rules. But once you discover that there are some ways the right person in a position of authority can help your client with a situation that shouldn't require going around the rules to accomplish (well, maybe I'm justifying doing the wrong thing here but I'm a whole lot more concerned about the client than the corporation's script) I do it anyway.

Whatever the outcome, have a great cruise and it's always worth a call.

Cheers, Neil