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Originally posted by saublewater:
Can you all tell what's the lure of cruising? Can you tell me why so many people love it so much? I'm unsure of what to expect? I love to travel PERIOD...and I'm game for any form of travel....just a little wet behind the ears as far as cruising goes. Oh and we love to be on the water since we boat all summer long on our own personal boat. So what can you all tell me that will make me get pre-addicted to cruising?


There's just so much to do and it's like getting a variety of vacations all at once. You get the ship, which is a lot like an AI, you get to wake up to a different port almost every day and you do excursions that you wouldn't normally do on an AI.

I love the beach too but there's just so much laying around on a beach I can do. At an AI we'll usually plan two excursions for the week but the rest of the time we usually want to stay there to "get our money's worth" out of the resort.

I find the entertainment is a lot better on a cruise ship than at the AI too. Those tend to be a lot "cheesier". The cruise ship ones are great!

The rooms/suites are larger at an AI to be sure and of course liquor is included, but dollar for dollar, I find them to be about on par when you factor in the cruise and the booze, but there's just so much more to experience on a cruise. Each ship is again a new experience so it doesn't get old either.

Hope this helps.