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Welcome to cruise-chat.

Last week I posted this article about problems with the Epic and it's reservations and show room sizes. I am posting an update this week.

NCL management was not happy with my article and they've already let me know it - within a few hours of it being published on Friday. And so I think I struck a nerve and revealed some truth.

The Epic has problems in other areas too, such as small pools and controversy over the cabin design.

I've also been in contact with a recent passenger who had an awful experience simply trying to attend the Sponge Bob breakfast. And, according to reports the Nick character hype is mostly just that - hype. The events are largely photo ops and little more.

The big exception is if you book a suite on the Epic. It is a different world for them, with concierge escorts into shows before they open the doors for the "regular" passengers, wonderful food in the suite-only buffet and dining areas, private pool and hot tubs, etc. Truly a two-class ship.
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