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Hi Everyone,

I'm going on my very first cruise this Sunday on Freedom of the Seas and I've decided to play it safe with my excursions and book through the cruise line.

We are in St. Thomas from 11AM until 7PM and I have booked my partner and I in with an excursion through the ship.. It blocked off from 1PM until 5:45PM in the system.

My question - we would very much like to squeeze in the Paradise Point skyline to snap a few photos, etc before we get started at 1PM on our excursion. Is this realistic? It looks like it's a very short walk over to the base from the ship.

Also, we've heard that those who aren't booked on RCCI excursions may not be the first people off the ship and since ours doesn't start until 1PM, should be just bite the bullet and shell out the extra few dollars to book Paradise Point through the cruise line to ensure we get off the ship?

This one seems rather self-directive and so I'm a bit confused as to what the difference/benefit is to booking it through the ship versus paying at the base, other than being able to be prioritized off the ship (which is pretty important if this is true and we've got a tight timeframe). We're working with under two hours if we're lucky to dart up there and back to meet the afternoon excursion.

Appreciate your opinions and feedback.

Thanks everyone!