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I broke my foot a few days ago, and suddenly my care-free cruise is requiring a little more planning.

I'm not much for shows (well, mostly the maneuvering to get a decent place to sit) and don't gamble. I was already planning to spend a fair bit of time reading on my balcony, but now I can't break that up with ice skating and exploring the ship. Swimming may be an option, but since I've got an aft cabin it'll involve a cross country ship trek each time.

Any ideas for other things I can do, that don't involve a lot of walking?

Can anyone tell me what the video connections on the IotS TVs are? (So I can run the movies on my iTouch to the TV if I get bored.)

My booking agent has offered to arrange for a wheelchair at embarkation. Will that mean I get to sit instead of standing around during the wait to check in, or is it strictly for boarding once I've already checked in? And if I accept it, will that automatically put me on the do-not-allow list for the excursion I booked?

Speaking of the excursion, does anyone have first-hand experience with the "Alabaster Coast - Etretat & Fecamp" excursion? Is the minimum walking required pretty easy? That's still almost 2 weeks away, and I'm hopeful that I'll be doing fairly well with the walking boot by then.