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The last day at home is usually pretty hectic. On top of the usual things you really can't do until the last day, like boarding the pets, securing the house, checking and double checking the "list", there are the inevitable last-minute "emergencies" and little odds & ends that were overlooked. Then there is one last sweep of the whole house--closets, drawers, etc.--for anything that may have been overlooked.

Probably one of the most important things, since I usually use the cruiselines air and fly out the same day, is making sure I have EVERYTHING I may need until I see my luggage again--which may not necessarily be the day I sail! I really shouldn't say that: in over 30 years of cruising my luggage has only been lost one time . . .and that was on the flight home; and it actually was a blessing: I didn't have to wrangle it home from the airport :-) and it was delivered right to my door.