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penny3333 - thank you for your kindness. Sorry to hear about your "bout" with Cancer, but so glad to hear that you have won the fight or at least you are one step a head of it Yes, when people get ANY kind of flu they tend to ALWAYS die because of dehydration and the ages of the extreamly ill are usually the elderly and the very young; both who are very hard to get / and keep fluids down once they become dehydrated in the first place.

With the news, it's always a SLOW DAY.....they repeat and act as if the world will end tomorrow every day. It may, we never know, but if so, I know where I'm going.....!!!

And I know what you mean about raw hands, and we won't even start on the brittle nails.....I'd love to have pretty hands, I just can't; so I've stopped trying! I'd rather be healthy!

Thanks again, God bless

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