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janfred - Buses 1,3,10 and 11 will all take you by The Swizzzle Inn. There are two Inns but the one located at 3 Blue Hole Hill in Bailey's Bay, Hamilton is the oldest and the original. It is roughly a half mile from the airport and is between Hamilton and St. George's. It is the oldest pub in Bermuda with great eats and , of course, Rum Swizzles (One of their national drinks!!!) (Then,too, there is always a Dark and Stormy!)

The people of Bermuda are called "Onions" and the Yachting crowd refers to Bermuda as "the Onion Patch"!! If you call a Bermudian an "Onion" it is quite OK if said in a friendly tone - if you use it in a bar you will be expected to purchase him the next beverage of his choice!

The second facility is called simply "The Swizzle" and is much closer to King's Wharf being located at 87 South Shore Road in Warwick. It is not as atmospheric as the original but the cocktails and the eats are equally as good as the original. In any case the busdrivers will be sure to deliver you (and stop to pick you up!)

Bermuda is a real fun place and NCL gives you plenty of days to explore!! Wish I was sailing on the Dawn with you! My heart is there!! I love late October in Bermuda!!

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