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I'm retired military and I always get a discount though Carnival. They keep my 214 on file ( I called and complained about having to send it in each time) and it's never a hassle when I book. I use the same guy at Carnival for all my booking and he's the best. He's ALWAYS on top of his game and really looks out for us. I'd give you his name and number, but Dave and the other C/C police might have a problem with that. We'll see what he says when he see's this.
What they are saying about limited bookings for military discounts is true. I've been through that one before. They only have so many rooms where the discount applies.
I wanted to book a suite on a past cruise and there was no M/D for a suite only for a oceanview, so needless to say, we booked the oceanview.
The discount is very nice and appreciated, but to use it, you need to do your homework and check to see if it applies to the cruise and room you want.
Anyways, welcome to C/C and have a blast on your cruise.