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Tourism is ON !
Sundancer Area Labor Day Carnival is ON for Friday !
Much like Hurricane Mitch, Hurricane Felix was an unpredictable finicky Hurricane with a mind of its own. The fur stood straight up on his back as Felix the Cat hit the Honduras Coast with 165 mph winds with claws extended toward Roatan. The storm was expected to weaken over land and then build again in the bay of Honduras. That bay holds the 3 Bay Islands of Guanaja, Roatan, and Utila. Heavily populated with expates that stayed to ride out the storm.
The storm did weaken over land but that did not stop the furry of its far reaching claws. Roatan made it through a firecracker of a night Tuesday! The lightening looked like explosions in the sky coupled with immediate booming cracks of thunder. Torrential rain came from every direction as the mighty gusts of wind blew it about. Houses shook, boarded windows creaked with strain, and the people lay awake in their beds praying! The intensity lasted for several hours and then as if Roatan was transported to another planet, it stopped.

By 9AM Wednesday morning Roatan had blue skies, puffy white clouds and strong winds. There are still some thunder heads around but Felix has pulled a disappearing trick and just vanished. We have the high mountains of Honduras to thank for that! Our hearts at go out to the families in the mountainous area of the mainland and hope that people and homes are ok. People in Roatan are very thankful that Felix let us off so easily. It is a good wake up call for The Bay Islands to remember that Hurricane Mitch does have close relatives and we had better be prepared!
It is time to take down their hurricane boards and set businesses back up again so that life can return to normal in paradise. Tourists are expected to arrive as planned this Saturday and Sunday and by then no one will even remember what we did this past week! Grateful, thankful best describes the Islanders hearts right now...the only request is that maybe Roatan could go more than two weeks without another storm coming our way. We need time to rest!
The Honduras Labor Day Carnival for the Sundancer area of the Island will be Friday as planned. We all have a lot to celebrate!
By: Lynne and Bob Roatan photograph - articles about the Honduras Bay Island Roatan