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Anyone going to get the new iPhone4? It might be a good all-in-one choice for some vacationers, with it's 5 megapixel camera w/flash and HD movie mode at 30 frames per second. Oh, and it's still a phone too.

I still have my first generation iPhone. Nothing wrong with it and I have lots of apps on it, but the battery is starting to fade and I'm not going to send it in just for a new battery (you can't replace it yourself). I'll probably upgrade to the new model.

With the new iPhone and the iPad I think the typical person will have their digital needs fulfilled.

I just got an iPad 3G and spent Sunday using it exclusively to access the internet, post messages here and on FB, and I did it all on 3G instead of using my own wi-fi. I was pleased with the 3G speed, which was dsl quality.
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