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Hi Cruise Student, welcome to cruise chat,

Have to say after reading your list of questions that in my opinion it is a bit too long.
Also ....If you took some time and went through the different sections of cruise chat, you would get lots of answers to most of those questions and then you could come back and ask about the few things you need help on.
There is lots of helpful information on here if you read through that will give you a good insight into cruising.

This is a friendly forum and you will find members will be pleased to help but maybe first we can learn a little more about you.

1) what subject are you studying at the university ?
2)What is the title of this project ?
3)What relevence has this project to the course you are doing ?
4)What year are you in at this your last year ?

Also ....I hope you don't mind me asking this ,but i am puzzeled by the way you have worded question 9.Are you actually writing a humourous book on cruise addiction and trying to find out if it would be popular ?

Anyway I'm sure that others members will be delighted to assist you....but as I said ,I think you would get a great feel of cruising addiction and have alot of fun reading the previous views of members.

Good Luck......regards jack