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We have seen a line at the Port Canerval saying VIP? We have been wondering what that is all about and if its something that can be purchased before hand or if its given to a cruiser after so many cruises?
It is for guests in deluxe accommodations ie: suites, and Platinum members (those on their 10th cruise or more) with Carnival.

It basically works like this; You are taken to a separate waiting area to be checked in. No standing in line. Then you will be the first group to board the ship after the wedding parties. They usually personally escort you to the place they take your embarkation photo. It can depend on the port though about the escorting.

It's pretty neat being one of the first ones on the ship. Sometimes in the past Carnival has roasted a huge turkey to perfection and had it at the carving station in the Lido buffet for early "embarkees" (not sure that is a word).