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Ellen had a Dental thing to do. I ask her to drop me off at Best Buy. We plan to meet a little later at Sam's Club. I checked out a few things at Best Buy and head to Sam's Club and Lowes. In order to get there I needed to cross Blackstone. Blackstone is a big busy street. I got the walk light and it changed almost 2 seconds later. I got stranded in the middle on the island. I heard a guy say something and I turned around. He was in the car by the island getting ready to make a left turn. "Thanks for your Service" he said again, I was wearing my Red USMC hat. He shoved a few dollars out the window. I waved him on and he just tossed it in my direction. As I was picking it up, I got a "Here you go buddy" and a few other words. I must have been there for about 3 minutes, but made $17.00!!
I wonder how much a real panhandler makes?
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