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i just realized how dumb i am for asking that question...end of the day, looking for attention i guess

i used to work right there, on broadway haha...oh well

and depending on the weather, i like the suggestion of taking the subway to columbus, then taking a cab or walking, depending on how i feel....if i can bum a ride from someone (no parking fees), is that a good idea, or is the traffic near the terminal crazy?

and thanks for the tip Andrea, but i avoid Times Square at all costs at all times...been living in NY my whole life, and still havent visited Time Square (walked through it plenty, but never had the patience to stay), the Empire State Building (though walked by it every day to work) or the Statue of Liberty (been by it on a boat only)...though thats pretty typical for a new yorker i guess - visit the entire city, except the major attractions....
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