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I have taken some time to weigh-in on this thread because its a tough call. Since the OP has experience with touring independently in Europe (the only way for us) I sounds like they do not need advice on the land portion. As to HA, we have recently found HA to be really excellent (we were recently on the Noordam) and they seem to be currently the best mass market line (We have also been on RCI and Princess and Celebrity in the past 8 months). Since the cruise is actually back to back 12 day cruises, there will be a reasonable number of kids during the summer. I would have some concern because HA does tend to attract an older crowd and their children's programs are not quite up to the standards found on RCI and Princess. But, your kids have some travel experience and assuming they are good travelers it might be fun. You will certainly have no problem with the food on-board, and with the Euro costing over $1.40 cruises are the most economical way to travel in Europe. One concern is that since you are used to land-based travel in Europe, you might not like the hurried port days in Europe. However, this is balanced by not having to pack/unpack, change hotels, forage for your meals etc. You are lucky to have the time to travel at such a young age, so what the heck, go for it!