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The taxi cost should be three dollars per person each way. this was the cost on the July 27th sailing of the conquest. some good advice if you want to do more than rose hall is hire the taxi driver for the day it is cheaper. we hired a Junta driver to stay with us all day and he took us to city centre, st james place,and margaritaville for twenty dollars each way for the four of us. He also ran interference for us from some of the more aggressive locals. We had a great time at this port. The taxi driver's name is Thurston Gordon. You can call ahead and he will pick you up at the port and take you wherever you want to go. Phone him at: 876-804-9542. or cell # 876-366-9655 I highly recommend him. He will keep you and your family and friends safe. He is also very friendly and funny. p.s. He loves to eat jerk pizza at margaritaville and have a red stripe also. He loved to see my son's face when he bit into some jerk french fries and myself into a jerk cheese burger. He got a kick out of it, warning they are very hot but they are so tasty it is worth the heat.