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Hey Dave good advise...that is my main concern. We are first time cruisers with 2 teen-aged 13 (not very mature for his age..naeve) and our 17 year (he is very mature for his age) the problem is there are about 5 years apart...they do get along but our 17 year old likes to hang-out with kids his age and so does the 13 year old. My fear is that would leave our 13 year old with us and I want him to be able to socialize with kids his age as well. We are all on vacation and I want all of us to have a good time. I am a worry wart. I am very protective of my husband is worst. Unfortunately its the world that we are living in now. It just scares me to death not knowing where they are...I or my husband won't be able to enjoy our selves because we would be worrying are they okay.

Help anyone?