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Thanks all it was a great cruise, we will do the same cruie again.
As You Wish Dinning would have been an option if I had known to reserve before 8:00pm. You also can not be seated any later than 8:15. BTW we did hear a group of 4 complainting that they wanted a table for 4, they did not want to share with other people. I think they got their way but it was not easy. We did assigned seating and it worked fine.
I spoke to our Assist manager about it. He said he agreed and he often received complaints about food service during late port stops. So far nothing has been done. On the Spirit we would just grab a pizza or a sandwich, plus I think lido is open later.
Room Service is very good. They have an "extended menus' for the dinner hours. It has a very good steak sandwich on it. main problem is it just takes tooooo long!!.
As far as our next cruise. I think it will be the Spirit out of San Diego mid to late Oct 2009. It is an 8 day cruise with 3 ports. Seems to be just the right amount of sea days and port days for us.
We also just got an email from HAL. If we book another cruise before Mid September we will get some extra OBC. That amount added to the pre deposit OBC would be nice. We usually shop for OBC along with cruise prices. So we will probably book Alaska by September.

I did catch a bug of some sort. Our Cabin Steward noted it to someone in a log. I stayed in the cabin on the last sea day just because, not because I was ordered to. HAL has the hand wash stations all over the place and we used them. I would be hard pressed to say I caught it on board. Thinking back I really think I caught it in Ketchikan. I bought some gum from a store. There were people there from another cruise ship buying cold stuff. I won't say the name of the ship because I am sure they take the same safety measures that every cruise lines does. I wonder if i might of caught it from "dirty money" I recieved back as change? Hey sometimes no matter what you just catch it no matter what.
The only reason I bring it up is that HAL called today, just to see how we were. They do monitor and that is good.
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