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Does any body out there know what ever happened to the Skyward. We took our honeymoon aboard her and had a blast.

One of the things that I remember was that the walls were paper thin, w/ viertually no sound proofing. The first night that we were aboard, we were about to make whoppy when the newly wed couple in the cabin beside us started in. I think that we heard every sound!!! After realizing the lack of sound proofing, we were very discreet in our love making. During the cruise, we became very good friends w/ the couple in the cabin, but of course, we never mentioned that we could here them. What was so funny is the last day on board, we were to have packed everything except what we needed to get ready for the day of disembarkation. My wife and I had already showered up and were just about to leave the cabin when the people lady next door sd to her husband," honey where is the shampoo"? With that he said, " shoot I packed it". Once I heard that, I whispered to my wife, do you want to have some fun and she said O.K. I took our shampoo and placed it outside of their cabin and knocked on the door and went back inside of our cabin. You could here the wife saying "honey, some body is at the door. With that you could here th door being opened. His wife then asked " who was it". With that I am assuming that he must have showed here the shampoo, because she exclaimed , Oh my god and then silence. When whey saw us in the restraunt, they turned a couple shades of red.