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Hey there, just wanted to congratulate you on your cruise. It is a major accomplishment and you have every reason to be excited. Whether or not you'll make new friends, you will no doubt meet plenty of people. I just finished my first cruise, a childhood dream as well. And though my parents were never in a position to help me with it, I made my dream come true nonetheless. I sailed with my teenage son and we had the most wonderful time. I am disabled due to a neurological disorder after two very serious accidents in Mar/Apr of 02; yet, I was able to do this. Imagine, one day you don't know how to bring food to the table and a week later you are on a cruise ship with (in my case) 3500 people. Yes, I didn't book until 6 days prior to setting sail. An opportunity was given to me where I received some money and I had to make a decision whether to use the money to help with necessary repairs, or to help hold us over or whatever else... I remembered my dream, booked the cruise and had an amazing time! We swam, played miniature golf, my son even ice skated and rock climbed. Imagine! In the middle of the Atlantic!!! How awesome is that? So you just go ahead and enjoy yourself. Enjoy all the ships' ameneties and the great food. Go for a midnight swim, do things you've never done before and have an all around wonderful time. You'll see, making friends comes natural in that kind of atmosphere. Most everyone is relaxed and happy. Sure, you'll encounter the occasional "sour puss" but who cares... I had one particularly bad encounter with another female cruiser. I "handled" the situation by calling over a waiter and buying her one of those beautifully decorated drinks. So what, it was alcohol free In the end, we both started laughing, got to know one another and had a nice chat. All I am saying is what this cruise turns out to be is absolutely up to you and nobody else. You are the one who made your dream come true, now live that dream and have a splendid time. Let me know how it went Best wishes and happy cruising, MsB.