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Hey .. We got back last week from our June 19th cruise. I really had a great time... Just the highs and lows for now...

The food was really good.. the shows were fantastic... Nassau was what I expected..neat but would like to try some different ports... staff was fantastic..

on the downside... nothing huge..would have liked the staff to speak a little more English... hard to get answers from lots of them...
SHip maps showed hallways where they weren't any..I was 15 minutes late for dinner the first night... Took a day and a half to find the kiddie pool.
The pool was closed intermittently and hard to know when it was going to be open and not.

room was pretty small and cramped..but we expected that with 5 of us.

Weather was rather crappy rained everyday..some huge storms..had to stop the shows the first night because of the wind .. but none of us got sick ! But the weather was easy to work around and didn't ruin anything..actually it was beautiful to watch the storms move across the open sea. And we woke up to a double rainbow the day we left Nassau arching over the incoming cruise ships.

Thanks so much for everyone answering my sometimes stupid questions on here the last couple months... You were all on the nose!


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