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Well ignorant me has enough common sense to know this is not "Gross Racial Discrimination". The OP should be ashamed to even post this under that non-sense pretense..IMHO.

I prolly posted something simular before, but here goes. The Cruise Lines love colors, their favorite is Green! They don't care what race you are or the color of one's skin. This is absurd to me.

If perks are limited, or can't be done because of laws or economics..complain to the governments that control those laws, or the companies, or read the fine print for those eligible.

I know for a fact that Carnival does not discriminate in any way based on race. The idea of this topic is offensive to me.

I do believe in discrimination. I think Carnival and this board should discriminate against stupid people. I think they should have to have an IQ test before boarding or posting topics