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There is enough food to please everyone, and make you gain at least 5 lbs. Try the 24/7 pizzeria (it's delicious), plus there's a deli to make made-to-order sandwiches, self-serve ice cream, room service to name just a few. There is also a midnight buffet.
As for the $10.00 pp per day tip, this does not include the matre'd, and you can adjust the tip up or down by going to the Purser's Desk. If you prefer giving the tip yourselves, the entire automatic tip can be taken off your account & you can give them the cash in envelopes. As for the wine, we have taken 2 bottles in our carry-on and have had no problems whatsoever. We have always had the wine in our room prior to dinner, but I understand there is a corkage fee if you take the unopened bottle into the dining room. You will not have access to bottles purchased on the islands until the evening before you disembark, as they take them from you when you reboard the ship (everything you carry goes through an x-ray machine).