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Norwegian Seas out of NYC worst cruise I have been on so far, this was only the second time, for me third time for daughter but we travel at least 3 times a year on sea and land would never use this line again, the food tasted like left overs from the night before, hard, dry. The staff ignored you when you asked questions or needed condiments the only good part of our eating experience was the day we left and went to the dining room they had set up for embarking day the food was ok. but staff there fell all over us, maybe because it was the embarking day! the rest of the resturants were awful, I had to spend 2 nights with a sick child in our room my grandson, had to order room service, they had lousy menu for that, hotdogs /chips. raman soup at least that got me through for him every thing else was either overcooked, burned or cold or stale shame on the chefs, and I had to tip every time he came to room with food, whats up with that. I was charged 30.00 a day for tips for the 4 of us why did I have to give more, The problem with this daily charge is the help knows they are getting their tip, friendly or not. service is not what we expected. that will be last time for us on Norwegian!!!