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The ice show is free--don't miss it because it's awesome! I see a lot of people walk by the Cafe' Promenade on deck 5 because they think they have to pay for the coffee and other goodies--that's free too. You can also order room service at no extra cost unless it's between midnight and 5am. I believe it's a $3.50 charge for that. If you decide to go to a specialty restaurant (Portofino's or Chops)the cost is $25 per person. Not a bad price for a 5 star restaurant. You'll love the food in the Windjammer which is the buffet on back of deck 11. Every thing there is free unless you order a drink from the bar or a coke. There is a Guest Relations Desk on deck 5 in the middle of the ship where you can get assistance on any of your questions or needs. If you board the ship before 1pm you won't be able to go directly to your stateroom. I always head for the Windjammer and enjoy my first meal on the ship. You're going to love everything about the Freedom of the seas - it's an awesome ship.