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Hi Joyceh,

Thanks for the nice remarks about the photo album. Yes we did get to see the glacier (from a distance) off of Sawyer Island, it was amazing. Unfortunately, my camera does not have a srong enough zoom to capture the beauty of it. We brought our binoculars and it was awesome. I took over 150 pictures of Tracy Arm Fjord alone! I couldn't get enough of the beauty.

As for Sitka, that was the one day that it was rainy and we really didn't take advantage of what it had to offer. I know there were excursions, but we didn't book any. Our big excursion was the helicopter/dogsled ride in Juneau which was absolutely unbelievable. Flying over the glaciers and then riding an actual dogsled for almost an hour was heaven.

I hope this helped you a little bit. Are you planning another Alaskan cruise?