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We sailed on the Destiny in Sep. 2001 for our honeymoon. The Destiny is a beautiful ship, but we had picked this ship for its Southern Caribbean itinerary. The ports that we went to were on the Dutch Treat itinerary, which included from San Juan, St. Thomas/St. John, St. Lucia, Curacao and Aruba. Because we travelled shortly after the 9/11 incident, flight plans were cancelled and re-routed, so when we got on-board, it was quite late and we didn't sign up for any tours in St. Thomas. However, if you want to go snorkelling, this would be the place. The water is a beautiful blue turquoise. St. Thomas is also a shopping mecca -- there are so many stores here to shop in. When you're arriving or departing from St. Thomas, it is just breathtaking! I would definitely go back there.

I would really skip any tours in St. Lucia, and the shopping by the pier is not anything great, a few stands is all. We arranged our own transportation with another couple to see SousFriere. We didn't sign up for the catamaran tour to SousFriere, because you would have arrived back too late, and this was also the Captain's Dinner night. St. Lucia is very hilly with lots of turns. If you go by van, make sure you have a strong stomach. The drive-in volcano is really nothing, as you look at the side of the road and see some smouldering rocks -- that's it. Not worth making the trip.

Curacao & Aruba are both Dutch islands. We took the bus tour on both of these. The Curacao one was to the caves & to the Curacao liquor factory (unlimited free samples for all!!). We had a delightful tour guide on board our bus, which made the trip even more fun.

As for line-ups on board, the only line-ups were at the Lido deck buffet, but they were quite short. THere is a lot to do on board and we really liked the shows, and to hang out at the piano bar and then later head to the disco.

We had a great time, and I'm sure you will, too. As a past Carnival guest, we got a deal in which airfare was included in the price. We also got an outside cabin. Airfare to San Juan is expensive. There are many different age groups on board, from honeymooners, to family reunions, etc. This was the "best dressed" ship that we had been on. There was a large contingent from Chicago and a lot of Spanish people who dressed up a lot, which added to the mood of the ship. Very classy. If Malcolm is still an assistant cruise director on board, you will have lots of fun! Enjoy!

Aruba is a beautiful island and we took an island tour, which was great. THe beaches here are fantastic! Aruba has great shopping, too.