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ok...first off

cruises are all about the ports and i visit every single one of them. but when you are tight with money..u gotta do wat u gotta do. personally i wont pay 10 dollars a drink, and it takes me a little more than one drink to really settle paying 100 dollars or more on drinks/per day??!!! u gotta be joking right?

im going on a 12 night cruise in the saving all the money i can. and everclear is clear, looks like water, is ver y strong (which means u only need a little bit!! just mix it in some juice) so it lasts a while.

chef ken dont tell me u never went drinking in ur college i am right now.

please save me ur self righteous crap and think before u say how pointless and self centered drinking is. cuz its not and its fun and u meet chicks and u hook up with them...u have fun.

haha and for penny3333, well i dont know about u, but i remember everything that goes on drunk or not.

we go on cruises to have fun, and fun entails alcohol.

and jdpod363 just ryhmes