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OK Folks,
Here is the explanation from the TA.
They advertised a "special" price by using "cut price" airlines. Princess does not offer transfers to these airlines. I can't change air line as I have paid the full fare already.

There is no mention of why they said that all transfers were included. It was an important factor in our decision to book thru them.

I will be making a formal complaint to the TA Registration Board (or whatever they have as an industry body), AFTER we get home again and my expenses have been paid.

Any other suggestions?

We are first time travellers and this is souring me on travelling. It is a pity that we will waste most of out time in Honolulu, where we could be exploring, rather than sitting on our luggage, waiting for Princess to accept it.

Hopefully this will be well before normal boarding time so we can have a look at Honolulu.