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Originally posted by Wrain:
I looked it up on the shipplan and from what I see it is an oceanview with a balcony which is what I requested and looks to be on the empress deck.

Am I right on this and if so has anyone sailed on that deck and anywhere close to that room number?

Also, are we required to attend the Captains Gala and the other formal dinner?

And, if we go to the dining room to eat, what can we wear in there?

Thanks in advance

Cabin 1005 on the deck plan I just looked at was a balcony at the very front of the ship on the Panorama deck. You are under the gym/sauna area. (this closes at 10 or 11 pm from what I understand so there should not be any noise after midnight)

You are not "required" to go to either formal night, however, I would suggest that you not let the lack of wanting to dress up stop you.

"Formal" on Carnival does not mean tux and tails. You will see some tuxs, but most men will be in a suit on formal night. And even a shirt, tie and dress slacks will pass. On the other nights, Polo and khakis are fine. So there really isn't any heavy duty dressing up required. Ladies will be fine in just about anything. I have seen some wonderful looking capri sets to sun dresses to Church dresses to pant suits.

During the day, shorts are permitted in the formal dining room for breakfast and lunch...just no swimsuits or swimsuit covers.

Just go and have a wonderful time!!