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It was automatically deducted from everyone's charges, $40.00 per person which added up to be $80.00 per stateroom, which to me was outrageous!!! EVERY other cruise I've been on I had the choice to leave any amount of gratuity I wanted without having this option chosen for me.
Your other post shows you were on the Carnival Conquest in 2005, so this shouldn't have been new to you as Carnival has been automatically charging tips to your account for at least 7 years now. Actually I think they started in 2001.

Last time I was on Holiday (last summer) the buffet had lots of choices and not just burgers, hot dogs, and potato salad. Also the deli station with the great corned beef Penny mentioned. Every Carnival ship I've been on has had a line at the pizza counter during peak times. Holiday is the oldest ship in the fleet and has a high passenger density.

I was unable to reserve a balcony room (Every other cruise I've been on I've had this)
Actually the Holiday has 10 balcony suites but these sell out quickly. Given the ship's age, having any balconies at all is surprising. When built in 1985, Holiday was the largest purpose-built cruise ship in the world and was considered highly innovative. It really isn't fair to compare the Holiday to newer ships.

I'm not sure what you expect Carnival to do, but canceling the Princess cruise isn't going to accomplish anything other than disrupt your travel plans. The corporate relationship between the two is akin to General Motors. So, what you propose is the same as blaming the Chevy dealer because the Pontiac dealer wouldn't meet your price on a new car.