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Good thing about them is, generally,,port in center or near to can chosed to go on ship excursions,,or do on own,,at your own pace...some even divide groups into slow walkers,disabled,etc....have seen people with crutches,,and should have NO problem...if he does,,can always take taxi,,or walk back to ship...if on bus tour with ship,,can just stay on bus till rest get back...many its really up to each person as to amount of walking...worse case,,can sit on top deck and just watch scenery go by...a really great option...I ve done 8 or more of these,,, start with 7 day,,or see if you like a lot of research on cruiselines and itineraries before...can google each co..I like Uniworld,AMA,Viking,etc....loved Egypt,Russia,Portugal, and Castles of Germany,,,France,,etc....depends on your interests..let me know if I can help....
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