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Originally posted by IslandCruz:
Our taxi driver going over was very nice. I wish I had gotten his name. He turned the meter off at $15.00 while we were sitting waiting to be directed by Port Security. We just gave him a $20.00.

Luggage was kinda tight though in his Lincoln.

Coming back...we grabbed a van from Space Port Shuttle. It was a flat $20.00 from the port to the hotel. But that is for up to 5 people and he had plenty of room for luggage.

I kept his card in case we decide not to wait until noon and want to split a van with someone.
Thanks, LHP. Last fall I only paid around $7-$8 plus tip. They were "Johnny on the spot" too. I don't publicly give out their name if I'm on the same cruise for obvious reasons. They only have Crown Victoria type taxis though, and the luggage was tight as well. Of course, I am the worst packer in the world and also brought water and soda. I did goof and didn't realize I needed to wait across from the terminal in that parking lot, as opposed to the luggage drop off area on debarkation day. I called back and they let me know she was waiting for me there. I noticed you posted on the Roll Call so I'll continue there.


For half the price...I will put a piece of luggage in my lap if I have to!!!!