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If you notice the Elation and the Paradise both went through dry/wet docks in March and December respectively. Both did not receive the Waterworks, interconnecting cabins nor the Resort Style pool. Since both ships were on the Westcoast, that would leave me to believe the ship yard was not capable of doing the upgrades.

I also concur the reason for moving the Fantasy is that it could be better marketed as having all the bells and whistles. Mobile being an established port, would not need to be marketed as aggressively.

The turning basin is being built BUT it is a different basin that is further south of the terminal. It will have a 1500' turning radius vs the 1000' of the current basin. One option would be for the ship to travel the 1.5 miles in reverse which is doable.

Personally the Elation should have been sent to the drydock in Mobile after the repo and the upgrades finished before being sent to Charleston. This way there would not have to any interruption in the schedule. Her next drydock is not scheduled until 2012.

So basically there are a lot of disappointed people who are changing their bookings this upcoming summer as they either wanted the Waterworks or the inter-connecting cabins.

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