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We recently booked our upcoming Hawaii Cruise through CruCon (very good deal). We booked a Category 7A guarantee. When we received our confirmation for deposit I noticed that there was no cabin number on the deposit receipt..only the Category 7A. When I called my TA and I told her that I found my cabin using the Kelly Method and found that we are assigned a cabin all ready, she said, that is because when they book guarantees they automatically put you into a cabin to begin with. She said that our cabin assignment will most likely change. Does anyone have any experience with this? My sister booked her cabin with a local TA, same guarantee cabin category 7A, when she tries to find her cabin by the Kelly Method, she gets the lovely..."can't order items for a Guaranteed Cabin Category", thus, no cabin assignment yet? Or would my sister have an assigned cabin and she is just unable to find out what it is right now? Our cabin assignment is a 7A, room 5245 on the Spirit. It is a handicapped room...and is larger than the regular rooms with a larger balcony. We are hoping to keep that cabin. Anyone with any experience on guarantee assignments? More specifically, has anyone ever found out their guarantee room assignment right away, and then found it changed at a later date closer to sailing? Thanks so much for any help.