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A cruise may be so addictive, because it is affordable, destinations are prearranged, simple to purchase, and paid in advance for the most part before you leave home. The cruise simply requires that I pack and make my way to the port. My luggage is managed for me and reappears in my cabin. I unpack once for multiple destinations and the fun begins. I can do what I want whenever I desire, or do nothing at all. I travel SOLO for the most art and can feel very safe as guest aboard the ship. Carnival Cruise Line offers a reasonable rate for a SOLO traveler to travel several times a year without going bankrupt. I enjoy being around people who are all happy, relaxed, and stress free. The cruise staff remembers my name and they are generally happy to take care of their guest. I discovered on my first cruise how relaxing a frozen drink can be at 2 PM. I can actually purchase one of each kind of frozen daiquiri over seven days. In addition, the bartenders can create a combination of several flavors of frozen daiquiris and put them into one glass, just for me! The freedom of sipping a beautiful and refreshing drink and bathing in the sun is awesome. Deciding to have a two hour detoxifying massage is the bomb. The captain invites me to the past guest reception for some fantastic drinks and hors d'oeuvres. Each time I cruise I get extra perks that keeps me coming back despite my addiction.

I just love all of it: shore excursions, frozen drinks, looking out and seeing nothing but more water, looking out and being able to see a new port in view, delicious ready to eat food, taking photographs that capture my smiles, hearing the sounds of the casino, the beautiful live shows, able to watch an entire movie without interruption, and waiting to go ashore at yet- another port. Come on 11.21.08

03.12.2005 Princess Caribbean Eastern Caribbean
04.08.2006 HAL - ms Veendam Western Caribbean
12.24.2006 HAL - ms Westerdam Western Caribbean
08.11.2007 HAL- ms Oosterdam Alaska & Canada
11.22.2007 CCL- ms Fantasy Western Caribbean
12.30.2007 CCL-ms Victory Western Caribbean
05.03.2008 CCL- ms Fantasy Western Caribbean
11.21.2008 CCL-ms Splendor Eastern Caribbean

My previous cruises are as follows:
03.12.2005 Princess-Caribbean Eastern Caribbean;
04.08.2006 HAL-ms Veendam Western Caribbean;
12.24.2006 HAL-ms Westerdam Western Caribbean;
08.11.2007 HAL-ms Oosterdam Alaska & Canada;
11.22.2007 CCL-ms Fantasy Western Caribbean;
12.30.2007 CCL-ms Victory Western Caribbean;
05.03.2008 CCL-ms Fantasy Western Caribbean;
11.21.2008 CCL-ms Splendor Eastern Caribbean;
03.04.2009 MSC-Lirica Southern Caribbean