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Go shopping in cozumel!! very cheap prices on everything from jewelry to real hand crafted mexican blankets to liquor. Take cab to foroum shops and walk the strip back towards the ship.
also in the middle of the strip there is another shopping area just off to the left when your walking back towards the ships it is where you can get the most for your dollar. they love to barter for the american dollar. Blankets started at $20.00 and we got them dowm to $4.00 each. buy jewelry at Rochet's they are great ask for liz she is the manager and she will give you free double shots of tequilla just for saying hello. we bought a two carat garnet flawless,had it mounted into a 14kt. gold pendant for $60.00 when we got home in appraised for over $1100.00 p.s. ask her to take a shot with you and she will and then give you the best price she possibly can. She is very cool!