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Normally fares are per person. In St. Thomas you can take the ferry to St. Johns and snorkel Trunk Bay. The ferry is $6.00 per person, the cab fare was $4.50 per person (the last time we were there), and I can't remember how much the admission to the beach was, I think it was $2.50 per person. Cab fare in St. Thomas depends on where you are going, but they charge per person unless you can talk them into a group rate (which you can do sometimes). If you like to snorkel, the Champagne Beach snorkel in Dominica is one of the best snorkels I've ever gone on. The Emerald Pool/Water fall is beautiful, but the snorkeling was excellent. The first time we went there, we did it on our own. The cab driver dropped us off at the beach and picked us up to take us to the falls in the afternoon. He charged us $20 for the entire trip. Trying this snorkel from the beach is hard, there are a lot of rocks and getting into the water you get hit into the rocks. To get to the falls, it's a pretty good trek, going down it isn't too bad, coming back up, it's a pretty good climb. The second time, we took a catamaran to Champagne beach (tour from the ship) and it was wonderful. In Barbados we always book with Tiami to take a catamaran to snorkel. I don't remember what cab fares were because we book with the ship there as well. There are shops that you can walk to from the ship and a bus stop near the pier as well. In Aruba we walked to the shops and took a catamaran to snorkel, so we didn't use cabs there. Getting 10 people into the vans they use as taxis may be a little uncomfortable, but they will probably give you a deal. Just remember to be back to the ship on time because if you haven't booked through them, they will not wait. Have a wonderful cruise!