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Hi Dave. I was the one who wrote that review. We were assigned table #381 during that cruise. And I think because the restaurant was half full with the exception of the first formal dinner, they started seating people at different tables. As I said, the food in Blu was not to our liking. The head waiter did tell us that Blu would be open seating in the future.
**By the way, readers/cruisers should be aware that using the ship internet is NOT secure. Two people we know had their credit card info scammed for over $2000-as they have to use their room key (all personal info is on the magnetic strip)to access the internet, there was a "glitch" and someone charged airline tickets to their account. Happy to say that Celebrity Captains Club reps jumped on the case immediately and these people were quickly contacted, and credits issued. This is still being investigated. On a lighter note, they had cooking demonstrations onboard which were excellent! One chef they had is a judge on Chopped and he and his partner gave 3 demonstrations with guest participation which we loved. This would be an awesome thing for them to have steadily. Many guests attended.
I would take this ship again but not in Aqua Class-we really felt ripped off with the Persian Garden and paying for Blu tasteless food.