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Do you mean the pins they give away on the invitation to the past guest party or there is a special pin for been a Platinum guest??
Yes, those are the ones.

Cas and vietvet, This is definitely a case of individual ships giving the pins out in different ways. Cas has gotten his attached to the Past Guest Reception (repeater's) invitation, vietvet has received his at the reception. I'll add a third scenario. I've never received them either way. Mine have always been on the desk with a letter thanking me "for once again" choosing Carnival for my vacation.

LHP was right, (as always), and thanks btw, as always. Apparently something isn't trickling down to individual ships regarding an official policy concerning the pins. My understanding is the same as LHP's..Platinum Guests should continue to receive the pins according to John.

Again, I'll report back about what happens on the Fascination next week. I'll wait to see if I get one, if not I'll go ask and see what they say. This may be trivial to some..but, I like my pins too!